Cloud Services




With the world going rapidly technologically radical, cloud services are a big move from the traditional way of thinking and is being swiftly adopted by all types and sizes of businesses.


Cloud services being one of the prominent players in the field of computing, we at Explarity solutions deliver effective solutions for maintenance and cloud support which assists our clients with the benefit of cloud storage.


maintaining the persistent stride of technology transformation is always a challenge and a task. For US public sector organizations, it means delivering reliable, secure and optimized digital services on a tight budget.


The gravity to constantly provide agile and scalable services is merely as insistent as any private sector way of functioning business. Government organizations need to shift their legacy of applications to the cloud while discovering ways to efficiently manage workloads.


Several organizations experience the layman challenge of determining which applications are best suited for cloud model to gain the accessibility, sustainability and performance for that workloads.


Public sectors also face increased exodus challenges, but all thanks to compliance demands and data protection that require a distinct churn of clearance, expertise and skills, which are not always available from in house or other service providers.


Migrate Your Most Complex Systems to The Cloud Platform

  • Managed by a team of highly skilled, security-cleared staff, our Explarity data professionals are capable of hosting our nation’s most sensitive systems, including workloads.

Big Enough to Cope, Small Enough to Care

  • As public sector experts, we know exactly what it takes to help you deliver better value to US taxpayers.


  • Through our unique domain expertise, we have the ability to mix and match the right technologies which suit your needs.


When you choose Explarity’s cloud services you receive;


  •       Analysis

-We begin your transformational digital journey by analyzing your needs precisely and then follow on with the strategic advice and guidance.

  •     Platform Execution

– We put in our best efforts to deliver robust, intact and highly efficient deployments with optimum resource usage.

  • 4 times more Scalable

– As we have upraised the bar on management and server allocation in the cloud.


Streamline, innovate and accelerate

Explore our range of cloud platforms and solutions to discover how the cloud can help your business streamline operations, tackle complex challenges, maximize your IT budget and gain that competitive edge. Ensure security and experience complete flexibility with bespoke public cloud hosting, supported by Explarity Solutions Pvt Ltd, expertise at your fingertips.


Private Cloud

Attain the highest of total control and security with a bespoke, totally accomplished private cloud solution, crafted to meet your unique hosting requirements.


Hybrid Cloud

You can integrate on premise structure with ultra-high-performance private cloud dedicated compute.



Harness the power of multiple public cloud providers. Usually, there are three basic types of cloud services:


  • Software as a Service -SaaS: The most widely recognized kind of cloud service is known as software as a service or SaaS.
  • Setup as a Service IaaS: Infrastructure as a service, or IaaS, offers the groundwork that many cloud service providers need to manage SaaS tools—but don’t want to maintain themselves.
  • Stage as a Service PaaS: The cloud service model is known as platform as a service, or PaaS, serves as a web-based environment where developers can build cloud apps.


We are qualified in providing cloud technology solutions and services. Explarity can help with, cloud backup solutions, advice, installations, migration, and everything in between. We toil with all sizes of organizations, from start-ups to enterprises with offices across the globe.


No matter even if you are an IT team looking to subcontract the management of a cloud application or a biz that needs assistance with implementing a shift to a cloud platform or solution, we will be right there for you.


The proficient team of Explarity can offer provide everything right from advice-ongoing support-installations- migration, ensuring you have the perfect cloud-based and infrastructure solutions in place, whether it’s a private, public, private or hybrid model.


Still daunting to select which is the best IT company to partner with? Don’t look any further as we have decades of experience and some best in industry professionals who have assisted all types of industries in achieving their goals by helping them in shifting their business to cloud platform.


Cloud platforms are agile and yields hundred percent consumer satisfaction, enabling their trade to boost their online presence and drive greater performance which tailor fits their business requirements and helps them stand ahead of their competitors and be recognized as one of the top class leading IT company for delivering timely service to suffice all the blockchain framework components as well as IT infrastructure requirements.


Launch your website today on cloud servers and our team will be right there to assist you in migrating your business to cloud domain.