Data Engineering

Over the last decade, data volumes have increased tremendously in almost all industries. This meant that such large sets of data had to be analyzed and used efficiently. This process and the large data sets associated with it came to be known as Big Data.


Apart from volume, it has also become necessary to analyze data types, data quality, and data in real-time. The conventional ETLs, statistical models, and databases also became inefficient in handling the huge volumes of data over the years. This resulted in the development of data engineering and big data platforms.


Explarity provides a broad range of big data services to its customers, bringing together expertise in big data, a high-end delivery experience, and an experienced team. Through our big data and corporate analytics strategy, we enable our customers to make faster and better-informed decisions. Our big data services also help companies improve efficiency, reduce overall ownership costs, and reduce risk with enterprise solutions.


What do we offer?


1.Strategic consultation

We assist clients in developing their big data strategy and choose tools and processes that help them achieve strategic goals. We propose recommendations that are tailored to support the latest technical scene, preferences, and objectives of our customers. We allow companies to design a well-defined modern architecture that improves the efficiency of their everyday processes.


2.Big data analytics

We have the expertise and the experience of working with a variety of data analysis tools like Tableau, SAS, QlikView, Azure ML, and others, which distinguish us from other big data service providers.


3. Infrastructure implementation

We offer our clients the right infrastructure model while guaranteeing the smooth deployment of big data technology. By removing the need of writing and maintaining the Apache Hadoop code, our specialists simplify the integration and installation of big data infrastructure.


We also offer customized database connectors and accelerators which allow data to be transferred from the various databases and packaged business applications.


4. Maintenance and support

As part of our maintenance and support services, we manage the entire lifecycle of big data implementation, from deployment to customer support. We have the knowledge and experience to use premier big data tools, technology, and solutions that address all the components like data consumption, data delivery, and data management.



Explore the possibilities in data engineering with us.