Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is a growing trend for companies to offer remote working options, allowing employees to use personal laptops and mobile devices for work processes, and use cloud technology for data access. 


It has been recognized that a shift from the traditional office premises business model calls for greater agility.


The flexibility and efficiency through enterprise mobility in companies can offer advantages such as higher productivity and lower costs. However, companies need an acceptable clear policy for smooth operations, a management plan to ensure high security, and governance standards compliance to be successful.


Explarity’s enterprise mobility services are designed for organizations to manage the specialized developments, production roll-outs, and testing is required as well as framing an appropriate strategy and roadmap for enterprise mobile computing. 


Businesses can leverage our offerings and development models to create prototypes, develop robust solutions, and launch new solutions quickly. Explarity’s mobility services cover the entire life cycle,  right from  concept- generation- testing, of what is needed for the accelerated delivery of a mobile solution.


Our mobility solutions also minimize the risk of launching an enterprise mobile platform solution through critical quality controls such as portability testing, multi-device verification schemes, proper performance and scalability testing, including a comprehensive deployment strategy and launch plan. The time required to launch a mobile solution can be significantly reduced with our mobile enterprise solution framework and other industry-standard accelerators.


Why should you choose Explarity?


  • We are equipped with more than a  decade of experience as an IT service provider.
  • The expertise of network, security, apps, devices, and implementation.
  • Multi-brand, multi-product services for hybrid integration that meet the security standards of different sectors.
  • Certified business processes to meet the ISO 9001 and ISO 2000 standards and use the best practices in the industry.
  • Highly skilled professionals, so that clients can meet the constant challenges that come with incorporating new technologies.
  • Extensive know-how of mobile technology, cross-platform and native mobile applications, and mobile solutions. 


What do we offer?


1. Mobility Consultation 

We work closely with you to develop a roadmap for transformation that is compatible between design and implementation with your mobility initiatives. This includes addressing key factors regarding your mobility, application requirements, ROI objectives, etc.


2. UI/UX Design

UX design practices, including development activities, are incorporated in all phases of the application development cycle. We completely  spotlight on user needs and make them a key element in the whole process of application development. 

Our UI services assist our customers to  build a robust and scalable user experience ,maximizing ROI and achieving their business goals.


3. Mobile Application Development

Our Android, iOS, and hybrid app development services with excellent design and functionality allow you to obtain workable results. We help you find insights into user behavior that fit your business ecosystem best with comprehensive next-gen capabilities. 


4. Back-end services of integration

For the seamless implementation and operation of business apps with other SaaS and local applications used by our company, we provide all-inclusive business app integration services.


5. Mobile App Analytics

Our custom app analytics services help identify success measurements, revenue matrix, the health status of applications, user interactions, and the recognition of user interactions through data collection, consolidation, and analysis from mobile applications.


6. Testing and support

For testing applications on real devices, we utilize functional and non-functional tests along with proven tools, techniques, and frameworks. Our comprehensive practices like Agile testing, automation testing, load testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, and safety testing allow you to keep the users informed and aware.


Let us assist you in mobilizing your business and processes.