Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) essentially makes complicated business management systems user-friendly. It covers core business functions, like distribution and inventory management, production, and accounting. 


ERP also supports sales, customer service, human resources, logistics, CRM, and others. ERP is responsible for organizing all your data in a single system. Consequently, ERP makes the decision-making process effective and balanced.


Explarity provides market and technological innovation through an inter-functional workshop methodology to leverage best practices in industry and academic excellence. We have extensive experience in the implementation and integration of ERP platforms to suit your business style. 


We provide assisted broad and complex business structures by developing reliable and low-risk processes for supporting and improving the software. 


Our highly capable team of experts has gained invaluable domain knowledge and expertise in different sectors with extensive experience in Oracle and Microsoft technology. Explarity’s developers and engineers have considerable expertise in the development of wide-ranging and dynamic solutions for business resource planning in outsourcing models.


What do we offer?


1. Consultation

We analyze your business environment so that incompatibilities of different systems can be identified, we draw up strategies for the integration and migration of vital ERP software into a converged infrastructure. This means that servers, storage, networking, and software components are put together in a package which makes it easier and faster to deploy. We evaluate the right solution by targeted demonstrations. 


2. Application

We perform business process mapping and configuration. We develop, design, and test personalizations. We carry out end-user training and acceptance tests. Adding more to it, Explarity offers  GAP analysis documentation services.


3. Integration

Our ERP integration services enable integration with legacy or specific line-of-business apps. They also help in advanced reporting by integrating with Microsoft Office. We also assist in the integration and deployment of third-party applications.


4. System configuration

We configure ERP software with specific roles, business intelligence, changes, interface enhancements, the addition of particular fields, and more.


5. System upgrade

We offer upgrades to better support older software apps and improve business operations. We analyze the current system status, upgrade requirements, and any deficiencies that need modifications to ensure the upgraded version functions as needed.



Increasing customer loyalty and revenues are two major aspects of any company. In addition, Front office processes such as sales, marketing, and customer services often contribute to increasing consumer appeal and satisfaction, besides generating growth and profit.


 A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) essentially makes your client the center of your company’s business processes, workflows, and events. And it’s vital as a customer-centric company, that it should have  good connections with the customer, which undoubtedly helps in  making better decisions owing to real-time marketing and sales data, and renders an unforgettable user experience.


Strategic consulting, training, CRM implementation, and deployment services from Explarity help companies to revamp front-office processes and technology to bring more consumers and provide better sales outcomes.

 Our awareness and understanding of the industry allows us to assess your business and help you select and implement CRM that fits your business plans and goals.


Also, our personalized CRM solutions can help you better manage your consumer interactions. Our skilled team understands your requirements first and provides practical, user-friendly, and productive solutions. Our experts have extensive experience and expertise in the configuration, customization, installation, and support of platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, and more.

What do we offer?


1. Consultation

We understand the business processes, priorities, and objectives that enable us to develop the ideal CRM plan to meet all of your business needs. Our experts help you to engage your customers and provide data visibility in real-time, better equipment, strong insights, and forecasting capacities through the automation of daily sales, marketing, and service processes.


2. Application

We deliver CRM projects using well-defined and agile methodologies, altogether with Microsoft’s Sure Stage. Our CRM practice is supported by experts with extensive functional and technological backgrounds and distinct field expertise in a number of CRM products and vertical industries. 


3. Integration

We offer comprehensive CRM integration services to boost efficiency by providing customer data wherever necessary. Our technical consultants are able to connect your CRM to the existing portals, ERPs, and other applications.


4. Software services

We optimize your CRM system for multichannel management including web, mobile, social, in-person, and PRM software features. We also help enhance your CRM functionality with conversational interfaces, industry-specific and best-of-breed applications as well as machine learning functions.


5. Custom software modules

We offer custom CRM software modules like performance monitoring, productivity, customized KPI Tracking, and creation. We automated log management processes that help companies manage lead prospects and existing clients.


6. CRM analytics

The primary objective of CRM analysis is to draw prominent behaviors and predictions from information and data obtained through various CRM operating systems. This speeds up the process for internal decision-making.


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