Technological evolution has reshaped the global market and economic landscape, creating an environment of innovation and change that affects hi-tech firms of all sizes. Focus on the customers has become the top priority which requires network modernization, and new business model enhancements.


A competitive landscape, complex supply chains, and the pressure to evolve continuously in order to outshine the competitors and remain relevant to consumers with ever-changing desires and needs are major challenges that organizations of all sizes face. In hi-tech enterprises, the corporate leadership is based on fusing business and IT missions while ensuring that projects are aligned across the board.


Explarity assists you in bringing scalability and agility to the process, allowing you to embrace your goals with powerful solutions and key technologies. Our hi-tech solutions and services empower you to penetrate niche markets and quickly connect with your target users for better results.


We deliver cutting-edge services that will support your inventiveness and provide the sustainable platforms you require to grow. Our hi-tech services and solutions help you enhance existing infrastructure, increase employee productivity, integrate your internal processes, increase mobility, and improve user experience to achieve better results.


Why should you choose Explarity?


  • Understanding of leading ISVs commonly used in the hi-tech sector


  • Needs-based solutions


  • Innovative integration solutions


  • Industry-centric processes


  • Thought leadership strategy


  • Reduction in the total cost of ownership


What do we offer?


  • Consultation services
  • Packaged app implementation
  • Business process implementation
  • Next-generation app management
  • Next-generation post-merger integration services
  • Digital transformation services
  • Digital supply chain management
  • Exhaustive product management
  • Customer experience transformation
  • Automation of the accounts payable process


Tell us your hi-tech requirements and we will be right there to assist you with.