Over the last few decades, the telecom industry has evolved dramatically. Having said that the digital disruptions have revolutionized the market model. However, the investment capacity of telecommunications projects is limited due to the steady increase in the competition, last-mile bandwidth, and price reductions for final customers. 


Therefore, solutions that can help improve profitability in these new circumstances are required. In the face of slower subscriber growth, increased competition, and a significant drop in Average Revenue Per User- ARPU, telecommunications companies are under pressure to improve their market output.


There are several benefits of leveraging AI in the telecom sector:


  • Dynamic optimization and transformation of networks
  • Improved network performance
  • Network orchestration
  • Maintenance of mobile towers
  • Automation of service delivery
  • Increased customer satisfaction


Explarity’s services and solutions are built to help telecom companies boost performance, provide better solutions to consumers worldwide, and adapt to rapidly evolving technologies. Our services and solutions cover every aspect of a telecom service provider’s operation, from process management to the development of new services.


We utilize the necessary resources, technologies, and qualifications to ensure the successful implementation of complex projects for organizations in the telecom sector. 


Supported by robust infrastructure, we also develop models of work situations and typical user actions, thereby contributing to planning and construction, as well as the detection of solution narrow points. 


This enables more rapid and accurate responses to queries, as well as provisioning of after-sales and service support for solutions.


Why should you choose Explarity?


  • Adaptable and scalable solutions


  • Rapid detection of market fluctuations


  • Reduced development time


  • Cost savings


  • Better customer experience


  • Experienced and professional team of experts


  • End-to-end support and maintenance


What do we offer?


  • Data gathering and virtual assistance
  • Web design and development
  • Digital marketing solutions
  • Smart storage and automated assistance
  • Network optimization
  • Intelligent network deployment
  • Cloud migration 
  • Automated network configuration and monitoring
  • Network quality improvement
  • Network audit
  • Network design
  • End-user performance tracking
  • Analytical services
  • Virtual assistance
  • Prediction of security risks
  • Troubleshooting and cognitive automation
  • Detection of frauds and anomalies
  • Forms and documents management
  • Invoice automation
  • Mailroom outsourcing


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