Web Application

For business people, the digital landscape could be a great challenge to promote their brand and business online. As one of the most important components for the success of e-commerce, there is little doubt about the importance of the development of Web applications. In a modern business environment, if you don’t have a website or a web application, nobody would know about your products or services.


The use of a website as its central web portal helps companies to quickly and easily identify potential and existing customers. In today’s cyber environment, web applications play an important role in enabling various online transactions.


At Explarity, we offer valuable web application development services to our clients thanks to our highly qualified team of IT professionals. Our skill and expertise in web application development and tailor-made services and solutions cover the aspects of content management systems, web-based applications, workflow interfaces, social media development services, and e-commerce portals.


We offer complete services to meet your website development needs, from analysis -construction -support. Our customized services help in speeding up your business processes and increasing customer outreach. 


We merge the finest legacy languages such as Java and PHP and cutting-edge technologies such as PostgreSQL, Python, Angular, etc. to develop custom websites, web applications, and enterprise software.


Our professional web development team creates interactive, comprehensive, and high-performance web applications that meet specific business challenges and technological changes in constant evolution. By leveraging our strong portfolio in developing customized web applications using cutting-edge technology and tools, we enhance the digital transformations of growing companies.


Why should you choose Explarity?


As a web services provider, we help our clients in utilizing the leading-edge fast web development to navigate market complexities and achieve significant real results.


Our objective, as a web app development company, is to deliver responsive and engaging progressive web applications for a variety of different industry verticals. Our next-gen web application services will help your business to smoothly grow in the ever-evolving and challenging technical landscape.


  • Expertise in the latest web technologies including JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, and more.
  • Secured and faster delivery of projects
  • Implementation of Agile approach in all projects.
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Seamless workflow, synchronized business processes, and reduced IT-related complications.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the clients’ demands and analysis.
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser support and compatibility.
  • Reduced downtime and improved productivity.


What do we offer?


1. Enterprise app development

Our web app development services help you in designing, developing, and running a new web application according to your requirements. With our talented team of IT professionals, we can satisfy all the requirements of your project at every stage of SDLC & Agile. Our enterprise app development services simplify and accelerate business processes while complying with your business strategies and transformation roadmap. 


2. Customized app development

We explore your business strategy, user experience, design execution, marketing, business performance, and online presence requirements to get a better insight. We utilize our understanding and the information architecture to wireframe and design custom web applications.


3. Web app maintenance

We implement the best standard, multi-platform and cross-browser support for enterprise software with advanced security and scalability features and use the best web-based applications. Our web maintenance services enable you to update and improve your corporate platform at affordable rates. 


4. Web app modernization

Our app modernization services allow you to keep your business applications efficient and relevant. With our help, you can make a seamless and efficient modernization transition.


5. Integration of business applications

We offer modern integration solutions with the help of new generation frameworks, advanced tools, components, processes, and best practices. We have helped companies to develop better products, offer improved services, and reduce costs.


6. Testing and maintenance

Our testing experts check the formats, scripts, browser compatibility issues as well as broken links thoroughly in order to optimize security, connectivity, and availability before the launch of your website.


 Our maintenance services help enhance the life of your business web apps while also helping to maintain optimum performance, security, and improve user experience.

Let us help you in achieving  your web application needs.