The IT infrastructure includes all data and information access supporting components and elements and management and other services.

IT infrastructure is like building infrastructure as physical elements are required to allow users to operate and support business functions. It consists of apps that support important functions, servers for app hosting, and server housing data centers. It also includes networking infrastructure providing easy access to corporate apps and servers.


We believe that the right technology infrastructure and skilled resources are critical in the successful adoption and assimilation of emerging technologies. With this belief, we have successfully supported organizations across the different industry verticals by delivering efficient DevOps services.


We have a proven and successful history of customer loyalty, creative solutions, and efficient delivery of solutions. We offer the knowledge, skill, and resources needed to design, operate and manage next-generation infrastructure.


We provide the appropriate expertise to enable the core IT infrastructure of your company to adapt, deliver business value, and prepare for the digital age to market dynamic requirements. We guarantee high-quality service ,the services are provided with a business governance model tailored to meet the needs of each client.


The solution covers horizontal application level 1 and infrastructure support with the managed services and multi-cloud provisioning. We help companies drive efficiency by combining extreme automation with low or zero-touch AIOps.


The entire array of core IMS and modernization services is covered by our ITIL infrastructure transformation driven by extremes automation. Our infrastructure is resilient and predictable which helps to improve business performance. Our wide range of services and accelerators cover the infrastructure lifecycle of design, construction, management, and innovation.


Why should you choose Explarity?


Our DevOps services aim to alleviate the stress of your IT management team. We take the burden of IT infrastructure management from your shoulders so that you and your team can focus on developing and executing IT strategies. We help you to design and plan your IT infrastructure on a remote basis as well as to maintain it.


With Explarity, you get benefits like:


  • Access to service

Regardless of where you are, we adapt our response times to your business hours.


  • Proactive aid

We focus on precautionary maintenance, with priority over incident management.


  • Wide overage of infrastructure

We design, deploy and support solutions at both the basic and business levels.


  • Certified experts

Our infrastructure managers have experience with large IT infrastructure implementation and management, which is demonstrated by international certificates and feedback from our customers.


  • Pricing

Our billing conditions are transparent and flexible; no hidden or extra charges.


  • Low IT expenditure

No more worries about the real estate and infrastructure costs and keeping information technology staff up to date.


  • Improvement of operations

You receive a complete analysis of IT infrastructure to identify and eliminate operating problems along with access to technical expertise, cutting-edge tools, and advanced methodologies.


What do we offer?


1. Planning and assessment

By envisioning and identifying the desired position and traceable metrics, we create an assessment roadmap.


2. Framework development

We use our robust open-source ecosystem and licensed instruments to leverage and integrate your existing tools.


3. Process execution

We identify the areas and help with analysis, design, building, automation, and implementation in those sectors.


4. Automated software delivery

Our services assist DevOps processes by continuous development, integration, ongoing tests, and implementation.


5. Automation of processes

From code generation to production, test cases, quality checks, safety, and security, etc., we automate the complete process pipeline


6. Security integration

Our services enable us to perform end-to-end security integration.


7. Managed services

Our managed DevOps services help improve processes and toolchains to improve operations while implementing feedback, monitoring, and problem-solving practices.


Let us assist you in managing your IT infrastructure.